Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Foundation. Instant Download

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Foundation. Instant Download
Microsoft Windows Server is a server operating system designed to more efficiently handling corporate networking, Internet/intranet hosting, databases, enterprise-scale messaging and similar functions
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Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Foundation

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Active Directory Support

The Foundation edition of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 supports the Active Directory which works just like in the mainstream versions of the Windows Server. There is a bare installation during the setup which can then promote the server to a DC.

Aside from the Active Directory, you can also get the File Service, DNS, IIS Web Services as well as the Remote Desktop Services that was pre-installed and pre-configured.


Freedom in Interface Choice

While a Server Core installation in later versions of Windows Server can provide a certain amount of security as well as some performance advantages, it means committing to having only a single command line as your user interface. However, the new Windows Server 2012 changes that with its offered choices.

This comes from the idea that a certain command line is ideal for some tasks while the graphical interface is great for some others. The Windows Server 2012 now makes the GUI interface a feature that can be turned on or off. This can be done through the Removable Roles or Features toolbar in the Server Manager.


New Server Manager

From the basic tile-based interface, the Windows Server 2012 has a new Server Manager with some multi-server capabilities. This makes it easier to deploy feature and functions remotely into the physical and the virtual servers.

This also makes it easier to create a collection of servers or a server group that can be conveniently managed together. The improvements in the remote administration also allow you to provision servers without the need to make an RDP connection.


Improved Server Message Block

In the Windows Server 2012, the SMB or the Server Message Block has been enhanced through its SMB 3.0 version. It now supports newer file server features like the SMB transparent failover, Scales Out, Multichannel, Direct, SMB encryption, SMB directory leasing, SMB PowerShell, and the VSS for the SMB file sharing.

This also works out well with the Hyper-V which allows for the VHD files and the files from the virtual machine configuration can be hosted on the SMB 3.0 shares.


Storage Spaces

There can be countless of solutions when it comes to storing data on a network such as the SANs or the Storage Area Network and the NAS or Network Attached Storage. However, they can be quite expensive.

Storage Spaces is one of the new features introduced in the Windows Server 2012 that allows for the use of inexpensive hard drives to create a certain storage pool which is divided into different spaces and is used as a physical disk.

This can include some hot standby drives which can use some redundancy methods like 2-way or 3-way mirroring. This way, space will automatically use the extra space available whenever a new drive is added.

System Requirements

There are quite a bit of system requirements needed for installing the Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Foundation Edition, however, it is still ideal to know these before doing any upgrade.

Minimum hardware requirements for installing Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Foundation Edition are as follows:

  • Processor Support: 64-bit x 64 CPU
  • Speed: 1.4 Gigahertz (GHz)
  • Memory Requirement: 512 Megabyte (MB) RAM
  • SSD or Hard Disk Space: 32 Gigabyte (GB) or higher

Recommended hardware requirements for installing Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Foundation Edition are as follows:

  • CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1240 v2
  • Memory: 16 Gigabyte (GB) up to 32 Gigabyte (GB)
  • Operating System Drive: 128 Gigabyte (GB) SSD RAID 1 or better

Between the minimum hardware requirement values and the recommended hardware values, it is ideal to consider the use of the recommended values or those which is higher to make sure you can run the system seamlessly, which in turn, gives you an unprecedented experience.

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