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MS Project 2016

If efficiency is at the top of your list of priorities, you’ll want to digitally download MS Project 2016. Streamline tasks and get more accomplished at the end of the day with this powerful software program. Stay on top of resources so you’re able to allocate enough time and money to each of the projects you’re responsible for. The management system consists of a variety of programs including Project Management, Portfolio Management, and Resource Management.


MS Project 2016 Features

MS Project 2016 features worth looking into include:


  • Project Management. Microsoft PPM is a fast and easy way to start projects. You’re able to utilize the feature’s built-in templates and scheduling tools to help project managers and teams stay on task. The PPM is accessible across devices making it a must-have for companies of all sizes.
  • Portfolio Management. Keep on top of your project portfolio so no detail gets overlooked. With MS Project 2016, you’re able to evaluate and optimize for results-driven success. It integrates with power BI which gives you advanced analytic information. Reports are built-in so that you can keep everyone aware of what is going on at all times and on your terms.
  • Resource Management. Track how resources are being used and utilize integrated tools for collaboration. Task and time management is a priority. Teams can post updates no matter where they are. This keeps everyone aware of what is going on at all times.


Project 2016 is feature-rich and designed to encourage regular updates and communication. It’s the type of management system that helps manage many projects, portfolios, and resources at once. Businesses who want to get a leg up on the competition by being better producers, use MS Project 2016 on a regular basis.

In fact, some of the top names in different industries use the management system in their day-to-day operations. British Airways, Kraft, Target, Netflix, BMW, and Toyota are among the 20+ million users of Project. With a multitude of projects going on at any given time, managers of these companies are able to view who is working on what and have much time and money have been allotted to each task.

Office 365 Project Portfolio Dashboard apps are also available, giving leaders, portfolio managers, and project managers access to important information as to which resources are being used and how, how much projects cost, risks and potential issues coming up, and milestones to take note of. The app is available for users with iOS and Windows phones and tablets.


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