Microsoft Powerpoint 2019 for Mac

Microsoft Powerpoint 2019 for Mac
Microsoft PowerPoint is a software to create slide shows that can be used to present information in an office setting or even as a school project
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Microsoft Powerpoint 2019 for Mac

Now with the new PowerPoint 2019, you can not only present both better and smarter. PowerPoint has always been an excellent tool for professors, executives, project managers, and students. Anybody finding themselves needing to present on the daily should consider getting the latest installment of PowerPoint.

It includes Presenter View, allowing the presenter to see important notes, controls, previous and upcoming slides, while the audience sees a regular presentation. This along with many other added features makes PowerPoint 2019 revolutionary for all things presentation.




Collaborating with other members on a project has never been easier. You can pull up side by side comparisons of edited and unedited versions of a slide, providing a clear visual contrast and allowing you to properly decide which version is best.

Now you’re able to see the entire history of the work done on your slide. By going to file then history, you can see all the changes made to your presentation with easy access to earlier versions.


Online Video

Now with PowerPoint 2019, users can insert and link to an online video within their presentation. The video can be played without having to annoyingly get out of the program and then go to the link in the video.

The video is played directly from the website and comes with the site’s controls (playing, pausing, volume, etc).

You can also do more to any videos you physically upload to PowerPoint. Applying to audio files as well, you can edit and trim any unwanted clips from files you upload before being able to play your edited version on PowerPoint. This only applies to things you’ve inserted, not online videos.


Upgrading Your Presentation’s look

PowerPoint now comes equipped with tons of new visual tools to make sure your presentation looks it’s best.

With Morph Transitions, animations on slides can now look smoother, cleaner, and can be done much easier. Applying animation transitions can be as simple as copying and pasting.

PowerPoint also allows users to insert 3-D pictures and models that can be interacted with during the presentation to better convey more complicated ideas. Models can be rotated a full 360°. 3-D can bring your presentation to life, which includes creating cinematographic animations between different slides.

Upgrade the visual impact of your presentation by representing different slides with icons. You’ll have over 500 different icons at your disposal and easily insert icons with ease into Microsoft Office documents, workbooks, emails, and of course presentations. Upon placement, you’ll be able to rotate, color, and resize the images however you see fit without compromising image clarity and quality.

Along with provided icons, you can also insert and edit and Scalable Vector Graphic (SVGs) into your presentation, enhancing your content. Recoloring, resizing, and zooming in or out of the images, like the icons, doesn’t reduce image quality what so ever.

  • Includes zoom feature, allowing for easy navigation of specific sections and slides of your presentation

  • Laser point feature allows the cursor to turn into a laser point

  • Highlight feature allows for emphasis on portions of the text

  • Translate SVG images to an Office shape to disassemble the SVG file and edit individual pieces.

  • Allows for single user

  • Digital download on one device

  • Still contains all the previous tools that made PowerPoint 2018 so useful 

System Requirements

System Requirements

  • Requires OS X Version 10.12

  • 2.5 GB minimum hard drive space

  • 1 GB minimum memory

  • Recommended processing speed provided by Intel Core 2 Duo Processor

  • No graphics requirements

  • Display: 1280 x 800 resolution

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