Microsoft Office 2016 Professional License

Microsoft Office 2016 Professional License

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Microsoft Office 2016 Professional License


Get things done like a boss with the help of the Microsoft Office Professional 2016 download. This edition is equipped with new tools to help you work more efficiently. Microsoft Office Professional version is one of the most powerful and complete packages of Microsoft Office software on the market -- and 2016’s version of this world-famous productivity suite promises to be better than anything that has ever come before it.


The innovation that Microsoft has engineered over the course of the past year has been truly impressive, and businesses, non-profits, and professional organizations that invest in Microsoft Office Professional 2016 Licensing are sure to reap the rewards. Whether you’re interested in volume licensing or just Microsoft Office Professional for individual use, you owe it to yourself and your organization to learn more about what Microsoft has done in order to make their world-famous Office suite even better.


Microsoft Office Professional includes a number of highly useful Microsoft products that are not included in the home, student, and home office versions, such as Outlook, Access, and Publisher. So Office Professional is a no brainer if you are hoping to perform any of the functions offered by those programs. (Examples would include organizing a complicated professional schedule, synchronizing your inboxes with a variety of other useful online services, publishing a website and/or company newsletter, or running a company database.)


But why, with so many options on the market, should users pay for the newest 2016 version of Microsoft Office Professional? This is due in large part to the fact that Microsoft has quietly been innovating these classic programs in order to vastly improve their functionality -- all without ever sacrificing the user-friendly, intuitive design and simplicity that made Office such a hit in the first place.


Important Microsoft Office 2016 changes include an increased focus on collaboration (which was, no doubt, created in order to ensure that Microsoft Office remained competitive with the suite of programs offered by Google and other competitors.) Although free online alternatives to MS Office have grown in recent years, any business worth its salt still uses the golden standard in office productivity, Microsoft Office. If your company is serious about top-notch productivity and professionalism, then investing in MS Office is probably a good decision for you as well.


Still not sold on Microsoft Office Professional 2016? Take a look at these additional product features and mull it over -- and remember that we at SoftwarePug would love to hear from you with any questions or concerns you may have.


Microsoft Office 2016 Professional License

Co-authoring- The new share button!


The new “Share” button found on programs such as Word and PowerPoint allows you to share project among your peers for simultaneous, online collaboration. Even those who don’t have Office Suite can make an account online in order to work on Microsoft projects. Sharing is done with a few clicks of a button, so it’s fast and efficient. Teamwork has never been so easy.


PowerPoint- Bring your presentation to the next level


Project Professional 2016 now has new design features for PowerPoint. Color-mating, new graph and diagrams, and other new templates make for more informative, congruent, and visually pleasing presentations.


Excel- Better charts, graphs and tables


Excel has been updated with several new plots, graphs, and diagrams. These graphics are easily set up so that you can worry less about format, and more about information. Graphs are supposed to make understanding data easier, not harder


Outlook- Prioritize your emails with ease


Outlook can now be used to prioritize the email in your inbox, learning what is important to you and presenting it before your less urgent emails. Use outlook to sync together calendar in order to keep all of you plans, organized and in one place.


OneNote- Easy note taking all in one place


When you buy project Microsoft Office Professional 2016, you buy OneNote. OneNote is a place where you can store, organize, and sync your ideas, notes, drawings, and all kinds of information. Notes on OneNote are even searchable so that you don’t lose important data on your device or between devices.


Tell Me- Search your toolbox easily


Tell Me may be the most important feature found on Microsoft Office Professional 2016. It is a search box for the different actions in your toolbox. Before, users had to look carefully through every tab to find the action they needed to continue with their project. However, Tell Me allows users to simply search for what they need and Tell Me will pull it up.


Editor- Automatic spelling and grammar checkers


Automatic spelling and grammar checkers haven’t seemed to advance much over the course of the past five to ten years -- at least until know. Understanding the importance of impeccable presentation, Microsoft Office has developed what is likely the premier text editor in the world in order to enhance their software suite. Microsoft’s new editor is currently available only in English, but no worries, they are quickly developing the same app for a variety of other widely used languages from around the globe.


By now, you should understand the value that Microsoft Office Professional 2016 has to offer. Take a quick look at the product requirements in order to ensure that this unique software suite will function with your Windows computer. 

System Requirements

Microsoft Office 2016 Professional License

 If you install the right tools, you can achieve great things. Buy Microsoft Office Professional 2016 License today! (Just be sure to double check your system requirements first in order to avoid any frustrating and unnecessary disappointment!)


  • RAM requirements – minimum of 1GB for 32bit and 2 GB for 64 bit.
  • Processor requirements – at least 1 GHz or faster x 86 or x64 bit processor packed with SSE2.
  • HDD – at least 3 GB free space on your hard disk.
  • Operating System requirement – Windows 7 or later version, Windows Server 2008 with R2, and Windows Server 2012.


Have any doubts before you buy? Get in touch with SoftwarePug and a MS Office expert will be happy to help guide you to the right product for your needs!

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