Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student for Mac

Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student for Mac

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Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student for Mac

 Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 for Mac


Study better at home and on-the-go with Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016. This Mac-enabled software package has the programs, tools, and features needed for you to excel academically. Write polished papers, collaborate with your peers on group projects, and create powerful presentations that move fellow students to action. Office Home and Student 2016 is a tool that helps you be a model student.


There is going to be a lot asked of you during your academic years. That’s why you need all the help you can get. With tight deadlines and project work demanding a good portion of your time, you simply can’t wait for software to arrive to you by mail. It’s a good thing that offers digital downloads of your favorite Microsoft products. You get the solutions that you need to succeed with the 2016 version of MS Office Home and Student for Mac. Just look what it has to offer you!

Microsoft Office 2016’s new features are perfect for Mac users. In your academic pursuits, you’ve run across some timesaving tools and techniques, right? Why not use software that streamlines tasks, clarifies your ideas, and makes delivery of documents and presentations quick and easy? Here is what you’ll find great about MS Office 2016:


  • Powerful timesaving programs such as Word 2016, Excel 2016, PowerPoint 2016, and OneNote 2016. The software suite is jam-packed with tools and features specifically designed for Mac users.
  • The ability to tell the program what you want to do and it tells you which command is appropriate. The Tell Me box will become one of your favorite tools. Rather than search for the right command, let the program know what you need, and it will tell you how to do it.
  • Themes that make customization fast and easy. From Brightly color themes that are visible across all of your devices to Dark and Dark Gray for viewing in brighter light conditions, MS Office 2016 has you taken care of. Choose how you want to see things going forward.
  • Bing-powered Insights that provide you with relevant web search information. If you’ve ever been given the difficult task of writing and researching, you know how inconvenient it can be if you only have one screen to work with. With this excellent option, you can see information pertaining to the subject you’re viewing in an Office file. If you need to click out of it to view the website, you at least know where it is without searching for it.
  • Microsoft Office gives you more bang for the buck with its productivity promoting software suites.


Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 gives Mac users a wide range of features to get excited about. Here are a few more that will pique your interest.






Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student for Mac


Supped Up Word Doc Capabilities


 If you’re an avid Word users, you’re going to love what you can do within a document. The choices save time and the frustration of open up multiple browser windows while you work. You can open a PDF and edit it, watch an online video within the word processing program, and turn on Read Mode so that you can avoid being distracted while you work.


Beautiful Excel Templates


Use what has already been setup and designed for you. All you have to do is personalize the template that you want or convert data into a chart or table as a way of maximizing visual impact. As long as you save the original as a template, you can use it over and over again by adding new information to it.


Powerful Presentation Publishing


Packed with tools that help you design the most attractive, on point, and powerful PowerPoint presentations, Office 2016 transforms ordinary slideshows into extraordinary slideshows. You can do different things throughout the slides including color matching logos, emblems, and photos.


Custom Ways to Learn, Study, and Share with OneNote


 Keep track of important notes, drawings, and web addresses by grouping and organizing information into notebooks. You’ll be able to view content with ease and share it with whomever you want.


SoftwarePug offers Instant Download of MS Office Home and Business International. All businesses have their budgets -- why waste funds on overly expensive purchases? SoftwarePug offers a virtual version of the classic Home and Business suite, fully equipped for international use. As long as your computer meets the system requirements, location will never hold you back.

System Requirements

Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student for Mac

With any type of software download, you’ll need to make sure the system that you’re operating is equipped to handle Microsoft Office. This version of Home and Student 2016 for Mac requires:


  • An Intel processor on a Mac computer
  • RAM consisting of 4GB
  • Hard disk space of 6GB
  • Mac OS Extended or HFS Plus also known as HFS+ hard disk format
  • A high resolution monitor with 1280x800
  • Mac OS X version 10.10
  • Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. The current or previous version will work.


Get ahead in class. Don’t wait around for other companies to mail you software. Time is of the essence and that project simply cannot wait! With SoftwarePug, it doesn’t have to. A virtual download gives you immediate access to your purchase. You’ll even have some money left over because of our price match guarantee. Buy a copy of MS Office 2016 Home and Student for Mac today and make every minute count.

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