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FileMaker Pro 15. Instant Download
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FileMaker Pro 15

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1. Highlighted script errors and undo scripting Red highlighted text will help you identify problem areas easily. The highlighted script errors feature is particularly useful when importing data (scripts) from other apps and also for complex apps with several scripts. You can also recover all your scripting work instantly with multiple undo’s. FileMaker Pro 15 allows you to undo and redo your scripting work as many times as necessary. Moreover, changes are not finalized until you’ve actually saved your scripting work and exited the workspace. 2. Basic starter solutions, web-based help and ESS adapter FileMaker Pro 15 allows you to choose from four new and innovative basic starter solutions to create your first custom business app to start managing inventory, contact, tasks and content right away. The new web-based help enables you to get faster results especially when searching for FileMaker Pro 15 information. You can also download help for use when offline. On the other hand, you can connect to other external SQL data sources such as IBM DB2 and PostgreSQl using the ESS Adapter. 3. Concealed edit box With FileMaker Pro 15, you can side sensitive information and data such as credit card numbers and passwords from being plainly displayed on the screen. Data on FileMaker Pro 15 is masked with ‘•’ symbol. Nowadays, security is increasingly important especially to data users. This is the main reason why this 15th edition of FileMaker Pro allows you to replace sensitive information with this general symbol. 4. Updated user interface and proactive security warnings FileMaker Pro 15’ status toolbar features redesigned icons that keep your apps looking well-organized and fresh. Warning notifications appear within the FileMaker when connecting to a website or host with an invalid security certificate. 5. Portal in-line progress bar and in-program updates You can continue to use the app while sorting and filtering data since the progress bar indicates the progress and when the process is complete. With FileMaker Pro 15 you’ll get in-product notifications and instantly download and install updates from within the product. Product overview • Easy customization and built-in reporting tools You can use various flexible design tools to customize your layouts to make the look and work how you want without specialized IT skills or development experience. The easy-to-use charting and reporting tools make it very easy to make executive dashboards and clear summary reports with a few clicks. You can also save your data in PDF and Excel formats. • Share and easily integrates with other programs Create great custom apps that work seamlessly across Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone and the web. FileMaker Pro 15 allows you to exchange and interact easily with data from different applications. You can also create 2-way connections with Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server data sources. • Integration and consolidation If you need to edit, collect and present a wide range of data types in different platforms, then FileMaker Pro 15 will prove to be very beneficial. It allows you to smoothly and seamlessly synchronize data and database design between different platforms and devices. Each area of functionality that is necessary to support these uses is wholly reliable. You can start structure modification or data entry on one device and it is instantly reflected on the other devices you’ve attached to the system. • Enhanced user experience There are 4 new Started Solutions for users wishing to jump right in and create custom apps almost out of the box without undertaking significant research on presentation or structure. Moreover, the status toolbar icons have been redesigned and the portal now features an in-line bar which usually appears when you are sorting or filtering. FileMaker now advertises from within the system when updates are available. It also comes with a new web-based way to get help also the contents can also be downloaded. Pros • FileMaker Pro 15 is an extremely well supported system • Supports a wide range of third party programs • It is feature rich and reliable • Features various starter options • Well documented Cons • Seems overpriced for a few new features in this version

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FileMaker Pro 15

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