Microsoft Outlook 2016 (for Windows). Instant Download

Microsoft Outlook 2016 (for Windows). Instant Download
Microsoft Outlook is an application that is used mainly to send and receive emails
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Microsoft Outlook 2016 (for Windows)

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Although there are no significant changes made in the Microsoft Outlook 2016, there are still plenty of new functions and features to discover and use. These are mostly technical changes instead of visible changes such as performance improvements and minimizing the use of foreground thread.


New Theme and Ribbon Changes

There was quite a negative feedback on the Outlook 2013 default theme because of the lack of color. This is addressed in the new colorful default theme of the Outlook 2016 as well as the Ribbon and some other accent colors that match the icon color itself.

Some changes on the user interface to the Ribbon includes tab headers that are not in all CAPS anymore, eliminating the question mark icon for help and being replaced with the Light Bulb icon that includes a search field. Additionally, there is no longer there Outlook icon that was located in the top left corner of the window.


Tablet Rotation Support

One of the new interface features for the Outlook 2016 is the tablet rotation support and its responsive design. Switching a tablet into the portrait mode will make Outlook 2016 show messages at its full width of the device to create an optimum reading experience.

The original layout settings are also being remembered whenever there is switching between portrait and landscape mode, so it doesn’t require the Panes to be resized manually.


New Interactive Help Icon

From the previous version of Outlook, there was a Help Question Mark icon, but it is now replaced with a new Light Bulb icon within the Ribbon which has "Tell me what you want to do...".

Typing into the Tell Me search field will start the search throughout the list of commands of the Outlook which can also be used from the list of results. Clicking on the "Get Help" link on Outlook will open the regular Help option while the "Smart Lookup" link will be able to open the "Insights" pane in the Outlook that will perform the web search through Bing.


Browse Web Locations Option

Instead of the Browser dialog used to attach an individual file, clicking on the Attach File icon of Outlook 2016 will now open a menu. It also has new options like the Browse Web Locations option which allows for online storage access such as the OneDrive and the Office 365 SharePoint without having the need to download a file to your computer first.

The recipient will receive a link to the file along with an editing permission as a default. Editing permissions can be changed into view-only or "attach a copy" which will send the file as an actual attachment.


Office 365 Groups Support

The Outlook 2016 now features the Office 365 Groups support in creating, joining, and managing the Office 365 Groups, so you don’t need to use OWA or Outlook on the Web anymore.

The Office 365 Groups feature a shared mailbox which you can create or where you can subscribe. It can provide a shared storage location and Calendar on the OneDrive for Business.


Clutter Support

The Clutter Support is an Office 365 feature that can now be managed directly from the Outlook 2016 itself. It is a learning feature that is machine based which automatically puts the messages that you mostly ignore into the Clutter folder. The Outlook 2016 also has a new command which is the Move to Clutter and the Move to Inbox located in the Move menu.

The Clutter Support feature also applies to the mailboxes in that have been migrated into the Office 365 Exchange Online.


Exchange Level Search

Instead of performing searches using the local Windows Search Index, searches are now made against the Search Index of the Exchange whenever you happen to be using an Exchange account in the Outlook 2016.

This provides a greater consistency of the search results since there are no longer different search results coming from Online Mode mailbox, OWA or Outlook on the Web or the Cached Exchange Mode.

System Requirements

  • Processor: 1 Gigahertz (GHz)
  • Memory: 2 Gigabyte (GB) RAM
  • Available Disk Space: 3 Gigabyte (GB) or higher for extra space for the temporary files
  • Monitor: Minimum 1280 x 800 screen monitor resolution or higher
  • Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 or greater version of operating system (works best on the latest Microsoft operating system available)
  • At least a .NET 3.5; recommended is 4.5 LCR
  • Microsoft account with OneDrive account attached to it.

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